Welcome to Tandy Transcription

Dear visitor, welcome to Tandy Transcription. We are a young and enthusiastic company located in Largo, Florida. We are an ever-growing company that focuses on the wellness and well-being of its customers by delivering only perfect and absolute services and solutions.

Our Specialties

We specialize in transcription services to all businesses, especially medical transcription services, business transcription services and of course we specialize in records management solutions and are known to deliver the best results in the country. In our company, we put an emphasis on speedy results, accurate solutions and being compliant according to the customer’s requirements, such as HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX. Our talented transcriptionists and experienced personnel are keen on every aspect in every area of knowledge starting from general medicine, and deep down onto laboratory, pathology, urology, radiology, ICU, nuclear medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics, oncology and family practice. In our list of happy customers you will be able to find some of the best hospitals in the country and some of the best physicians in the United States.

Only the Best Transcription Services

In Tandy Transcription, we know what you are looking for, and we know what you’re worried about. With experience, we have come to learn that finding the right transcription service that fits your needs is no easy task. This task is almost always time-consuming and tends to be long and tedious. This is the exact reason for why we at Tandy Transcription have combined some of the latest technologies that exist today, with a great and proven workflow process in order to ensure a very fast turnaround and only top quality on all of the transcriptions that come into our company. Not only that, but we also put qa strong emphasis to give our customers the confidence they need in order to fully trust their transcriptions with us. This is why we adhere to all of the regulations required by the HIPAA compliance. Whether you have just started a new practice and your office is getting ready to accept its first patient, or if you are already a known and well-established facility in your community, we can always customize our services in a way that will make you a happy customer and filled with joy once seeing our perfect product being delivered to you on the double. Once knowing that you can provide your patients with the best services money can buy using the services of Tandy Transcription, you will not hesitate to use our services again and again in the future. We cater to all of the medical and business organizations out there, no matter what size and shape. Whether you’re talking about clinics, private practices, hospitals, legal facilities, corporate meetings and every other type of arrangement or business, Tandy Transcription can supply you with the best transcription services should you want your voice to be put into text.

Why Tandy Transcription?

If you are looking for a backup solution to your current and ongoing transcription service, if you are thinking about changing your current transcriptions service provider, or whether it be any other reason, we here at Tandy Transcription never say NO to a work requirement, never mind its size. Because this is our passion and we put in on paper, no pun intended. If you’re a student, a doctor, a business executive or nurse, our services of transcription always suit anyone from anywhere, just as long as they strive for only the best of the best.

No less than 99.6% Accuracy

At Tandy Services we always offer only excellent quality transcription service products. Our services always come at cost competitive rates, and so you win by getting the best transcription services possible along with the best price anyone can get. Believe it or not, but our accuracy rates are jumping to the ceiling with each time we do what we do. Currently since we strive for excellence, our medical transcription accuracy stands at more than 99.6% along with a great turnaround time which is 24 hours for a standard transcription service. Of course we always perform “by the minute” projects should they be required. Our services span all aspects of the medical process starting from communication, everyday actions, follow ups that are necessary in a daily basis, prognosis and diagnosis, procedure notes, letters to other physicians and practices or hospitals, complete medical history, insurance issues if need be, and every other aspect that revolves around the medical field.


Worldwide partners of Tandy Transcription

  • Mayo Medical Clinic in Hawaii, the Bahamas – For consulting and giving unsolicited advice along the first 4 years of Tandy Transcription beginning years. Thanks to Mayo Medical Clinic we have been able to extend our reach to other geographical areas and take in almost all of the news developments in the medical area in the Bahamas. Thanks to their great personnel and professional knowledge we have been able to acquire the required knowledge to serve all of our clients worldwide, and we are still in partnership today.
  • The Jerusalem Taxis company in Jerusalem, Israel – Back in 2004 in a highly regarded community of doctors and medical personnel in a week of conventions about the medical world that took place in Jerusalem,we have been able to partner up with Jerusalem Taxis in a way that gave us the edge and still does today. Thanks to sophisticated transportation means of the highest classes, have been able to attend 100% of our conventions and lectures that took place in the city at that time. And still today whenever Tandy Transcription arrives to the country for meetings and conventions, we keep our partnership with the company alive and sparking.
  • House of Ink in London, England – Thanks to our fruitful relationship with House of Ink we’ve been able to gather all of our expertise that still stands for our advantage these days. With unmatched transcription equipment, theoretical knowledge that has been well kept from the industry, and IT policies and procedures that are specially tailored for the transcription business, we thrive on our valued partnership with House of Ink.